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  2. Slow server performance
  4. SSL Certificate installation
  5. Unable to approve device
  6. SQL error was encountered
  7. Get DeviceId from MagicInfo website
  8. API v2.0 doc
  9. Images over 10kb are failing to upload
  10. An unexpected error has occurred / The user ID or password you entered is incorr
  11. Catalina Error
  12. How to add a device back? Can't see unregistered devices.
  13. Open Api filter contents by groupId
  14. MagicInfo Server Backup and restore
  15. HTTPS content wont show up on signs
  16. New Installation - cannot login
  17. Blank Screen after login.
  18. MagicInfo V6 LDAP Integration - Not showing AD groups in OUs, only the OU Tree?
  19. MagicInfo: variable tags in playlists?
  21. MagicInfo Remote Control Server
  22. MagicInfo 4.0 Disk Space
  23. MagicInfo-i server service is halted. UltraVNC Repeater service is halted.
  24. Not connected to the SPLAYER remote server. Please check RM server
  25. Question about Organizations and isolated playlists
  26. RSS Feed not displaying
  27. How to add content to multiple playlists
  28. DM48E/MagicINFO Premium web widget time issue
  29. Cant start MagicInfo-i Premium Edition Server service
  30. MagicINFO I Player 7 RSS feed not working
  31. Adding additional MagicInfo Unified License help
  32. Datalink - tabular formatting and image conversion
  33. Problem with migrating MI 3.1
  34. MagicInfo v6 ending PPT Slideshow too early
  35. MagicInfo Server Premium how to Access Server Anywhere and Send Content?
  36. API Authentication
  37. http 500 error first time install etc MagicInfo Premium {SOLVED}
  38. MagicInfo-i Premium v6 error message "not available"
  39. Problem with editing a schedule, date range I select is off by -1 day
  40. MagicInfo Open API - device types code
  41. Issue to approval mointors on magic info server (Failed to approve device )
  42. I can not publish the schedule
  43. Moving to MagicInfo i-Premium Server 4.0 - License Question
  45. Unable to Create Schedule with content inside
  46. Magicinfo setup
  47. First login to MI server - password doesn't work
  48. Trouble Displaying a Web Page that Requires a Log-in
  49. Problem with Playlist on MagicInfo
  50. Move license