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SMART Signage TV / Signage Supplier in Dubai
« Last post by AndrewHaris on Today at 12:49:34 PM »
Universal Media House is a leading manufacturer and signage supplier in Dubai. UMH is a one-stop shop Signage Solution company having its well-equipped facilities located at Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai. We have a team of dedicated and creative members.
MagicInfo-I Premium / Re: API Authentication
« Last post by alex_noyes on May 20, 2019, 03:02:10 PM »
Hi, I made this example, I hope I help you,

Thanks for this Kmilo. I was under the impression that the OpenAPI stuff has been depreciated and the RestAPI was now in use "/MagicInfo/swagger-ui.html#!/"

I will look into it further and report back soon  :)

MagicInfo Lite / Re: Now Playing Content Tab displays No Data
« Last post by phidk on May 17, 2019, 12:37:18 PM »
Same issue started happening on a MCE32 that is running Magicinfo Lite.  Only the samsung square plays..This was working. I just do not know what caused it. My guess it has to do with a corrupt Postgres entry somewhere..Unfortunately nothing out there to help with this

I think your current time on Device. You need change current time like schedule time
MagicInfo Express / samsung newbie help
« Last post by stevewood668 on May 15, 2019, 08:52:44 AM »
I am pretty new to this, I purchased Samsung digital signage tv's to use in my fish and chip shops as the looked quite easy to use. Im sorry but I find them difficult to use! only certain formats for certain screens etc etc I have ended up creating a jpeg menu and inserting it on a usb stick as its less hassle.(which defeats the objective) All I would like is somebody who could point me in the direction of some instructions manual whereby I could read and find out what I'm doing wrong, ie wrong size file content with this screen.only use this template with this platform? etc  There seems to be lots of questions in the forum but very few replies. could somebody just point the way, cheers!
MagicInfo Express / Playlist is not working
« Last post by Werner on May 11, 2019, 11:56:40 AM »

Can someone help me with the following.

I've made a playlist and publish it to my screen.
But on the screen it shows only the first screen of the playlist and not the rest of the playlist?

MagicInfo Express / Re: Playlist Error
« Last post by Werner on May 11, 2019, 11:52:34 AM »

Ik have the same problem.
Do you remember what the solution was?
MagicInfo Express / Re: Symbolic Links
« Last post by enteis on May 03, 2019, 05:28:39 PM »
I'm having a problem with MIE 2 whereby on startup it gives an error that the user doesn't have permission to create symbolic links despite the contrary being true. The program still works because all the files are on the C: drive. This has only recently happened and it's more of an annoyance than a problem but I can't see why it's happening.

I have the same trouble
I've been banging my head against the wall for the past few hours trying to solve this.
OS: server 2012-r2
db: postgres
MagicInfo Server 6002

Anyways, i installed the db first, then installed the magicinfo server. I didn't use the Express Setup.

When first trying to login, I got the obnoxious "oops sorry the page you tried cannot be found" error, which turns out to be an 500 error code. I checked everything and it was all working as it should: sql server was running and restarted cleanly, same with the magicinfo service, the webpage for the login loaded fine, etc.

After a log of digging on this forum i found someone mention the MagicInfo Premium\runtime\logs directory. There i found the wsrm.log which was complaining about "FATAL: password authentication failed for user "magicinfo"". This was weird, I had only entered in the authentication for the user "magicinfo" during the installer? I didn't use the express settings, so the password wasn't midb2016!. Looking into the pgadmin console, i looked for the magicinfo user. LOW WHAT DID I FIND. The password i entered into the installer was there, but missing the last character (a '%'). WHY WAS THIS you may ask; this installer clearly isn't sanitizing inputs. Wow absolutely brilliant.

Moral of the story: if you aren't using the express install option, when setting up the magicinfo DB password DON'T use a character that postgresql will think is a command!
MagicInfo-I Premium / Re: MagicInfo-i Premium v6 error message "not available"
« Last post by Pepijn on April 26, 2019, 12:41:05 PM »

Please try the V6 of the I-player software.

Kind regards, Pepijn.
MagicInfo-I Premium / Re: MagicInfo-i Premium v6 error message "not available"
« Last post by ellido on April 25, 2019, 08:03:06 PM »
That would be nice... How ever the SBB-D16AX2/ZA(windows embedded standard *XP) does not have a recovery environment(Repair your computer option) in the advanced boot option. The system restore under accessories>system tools does not load even with admin privies. So unless there is some other unforeseen factory reset button, it does not look like the SBB-D16AX2/ZA(windows embedded standard *XP) Magicplayer player v1.0 Build NA-MIIPP-1009.7 is not compatible with MagicINFO-i Premium v6 server. :(
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