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API v2.0 doc
« on: April 21, 2021, 09:15:21 AM »

I am looking for a documentation for api 2.0 (MagicInfo/restapi/v2.0/auth, MagicInfo/restapi/v2.0/rms/devices/filter, etc.)

Currently, I need to get methods by sniffing MagicInfo GUI packets in Wireshark... It works perfectly but I don't have the full list.

Sometimes we get a grey screen on MagicInfoS (attached) source ( Samsung PM32F) and I am trying to get the error in the API so I can remotely restart when it happens. It seems to be a wifi bug.

Any idea if there is a method to get such an error in API? It is not a DNS error, because if I put an IP address for the content, the grey screen is empty.

Thank you.