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MagicInfo Pro
« on: August 25, 2022, 02:14:30 PM »
Hello everybody.

Can you help me please. I am looking for the link to download MagicInfo Pro server. I know that is old software and I can't  find the link to download it.
What will be the best version for MagicInfo Pro server to fit an old version of MagicInfo Pro 3102.4 client on my old TV that I have. Are any option to make it work. Because now I don’t have MagicInfo Pro server to connect with MagicInfo Pro 3102.4 (on TV). I tried to install new MagicInfo Player version 8 on SSB D16AXZ/ZA( operation system is Windows Embedded Standard XP) but without success. I can’t run new version of MagicInfo player, which is 64 bit application, on 32 bit environment. So, I decided to install old version of MagicInfo Pro server on PC which is compatible with the MagicInfo Pro 3102.4 which is on device(TV).

May be there is a possibility to reinstall the operation system( for example change from Windows Embedded Standard to Windows 7) on SSB, after that I could install and run new version of MagicInfo player 8.

Thank you in advance
I will appreciate any help


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Re: MagicInfo Pro
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2022, 12:39:53 PM »
MagiInfo Pro is like 8 years old, so it is very hard that some body still installers. This software was design to work on Windows XP/7 only.
I don't recommend to install new windows version(7 or 10) due to drivers compatibility and CPU performance. I have done it and install more RAM, but PC will slow down.
What you can do is install MagicInfo I player version 3.0 and it will run on that SBB and connect it to magicinfo server V8. This will give you 1 year more of time so you can update your whole system.
My personal recommendation update systems at least every 5 years. Most of manufacturers ditch support after 3-4 years, since they want to sale not to support.