Schedule Publishing Problem - Hourly schedule hangs at 6 items

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I am trying to create a schedule where a playlist plays on the hour every hour all day.

I have tried with two different playlists with the same results.

I can schedule 5 hourly instances no problem, but the 6th instance causes the publish to hang. Sometimes a partial publish, sometimes it hangs at 0%.

The playlists I am using are around 500MB - but again I am not trying to publish several DIFFERENT playlists - just the same one starting every hour on the hour.

I have uploaded all new "clean" assets (mp4 video files) with identical results so do not think this is any type of data corruption.

The system will happily play either of these playlists in a "Never Expire/24-7" loop. It will also happily play 5 hourly instances. Just will not allow me to publish an schedule with 6 or more instances of this playlist.

Any ideas?


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Re: Schedule Publishing Problem - Hourly schedule hangs at 6 items
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2023, 03:23:25 PM »
Dear shamazo,

Can you please explain a bit more why you wish to start this playlist on each hour?

Perhaps you can trim down your content files, as for movie files I have good experience with Handbrake to trim down the size.
Next to that what kind of screen model and firmware version are you using?

Kind regards, Pepijn.