Upgrade Embedded OS Or Other Idea ?

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Upgrade Embedded OS Or Other Idea ?
« on: February 14, 2014, 02:44:43 PM »
Hi All,

I am hoping someone can advise or point me in the correct direction. 

We have nine Digital Signage Displays (Syncmaster460DXn) which have been in place for around 4 years. The content has become a bit boring and i am trying to bring them up to date with news feeds etc.

I want to upgrade the version of PPT to 2010 or 2007 so i can use better transitions etc, but i can’t with the available space. I currently have 1GB (C) and a 3Gb (D) partition with only 300mb and 1GB free.

I know you can upgrade the chips (i found a supplier) so i can go from 4GB to 16GB, but would this help? 
Also I am unsure on if I can upgrade the embedded version of windows the windows embedded version 2009 ? Or if it’s worth it ?  I also can’t seem to find the find the EWF software and I am worried I could trash one of my screens and get stuck without being able to get the correct software back on if I do it wrong.

Id sooner just have more space so I can install updated PPT,I know that the MagicInfo software isn’t up to date on the screens but I am unsure on the best way to do the upgrade.
Ideally I would like 1 4Gb partition just for ease with PPT 2010 and I can add in some feeds etc.

Anyone have anything they can offer which may help me out ?