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Title: upgrade from version 1005.5?
Post by: walkerr on December 01, 2014, 04:39:59 PM

We are currently running MagicInfo-I ver 1005.5 on a virtual server with Server 2003 SP2, and it's been working fine for many years now.  With Server 2003 at EOL, I am wondering if our current version of MagicInfo-I and TV's are compatible with Server 2012?  If not, I have a few questions...

Tv's are as follows:

46" M-DL46MWWAC-1008.1 M_LEOXPE04_1009.2 1005.1 46 1366*768 765 MB  3.75 GB 
32" M-MG32MWWAF-3004.0 M_LEOXPE04_1009.2 1005.5 32 1366*768 765 MB  3.75 GB 

1- Is there an upgrade path? 
2- Would I be better off not upgrading and just doing a fresh install?
3- Do the TV/Monitors need to have their firmware upgraded before updating MagicInfo?
4- Where do you get the updated software from?  (The rep we got 1005.5 from is long gone...)

Thanks in advance!