Question on web interface/alternate methods

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Question on web interface/alternate methods
« on: September 05, 2013, 04:10:15 PM »
Hello all. New here, and I have a problem. I have a 400DXn2 display, and a computer running MagicInfo I software. It has, and still currently, runs well. However, the content that I created and uploaded (a standard JPG picture file with an HTML doc running on top) needs updated. I attempted to login to the web interface of the computer running MagicInfo I, and I get an error (Message from webpage- License Error). Seems to me that this is a problem with the actual software or TomCat DB. Of course i cannot locate the software to reload (at least not with the same version I had).

I attempted to login to the display via the network, and found the Repository that houses the files that it displays. I tried to remove the old files and manually copy the files I created, stopped the MagicInfo service on the computer so it wouldn't download the old files, and rebooted. The player started, but it was a black screen.

My question is in two parts. One, has anyone else seen the License Error file. Second, did I miss a step (or can it even be done) when I copied the files over the network to the display itself.

Thanks in advance!