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« Last post by tasosgri on March 22, 2021, 09:17:19 PM »

I am a new owner for 3 QM55R Samsung displays trying to setup magicinfo server. I have been contact with the magicinfo support but they were unable to solve my problem.

The case I am trying to solve is that I have installed the server on my PC located at my home with MSSQL database and connected the screens (located in my office and in a different network) with the server's IP (which is a static IP). I have approve the screens and I am able to control them but when I deploy the content and schedules, the screens cannot download and it hangs. I have update the screen's firmware, I have changed the server's config file (ontentApproval.enable = false) as I was pointed by the support but nothing seems to fix the download problem. At start, when I had the server and the screens under the same network everything worked fine but when I moved the screens to the place that they should be (office - an other network) that problem occurred. I am not sure if you could help me out with this kind of problems but I gave it a try as I am trying to fix that for many days and I have lost time and money (for screens not playing as they should).

Thank you in advance.

MagicInfo Express / Magic info Express 2 - sistema operativo MAC OS
« Last post by isoladismeraldo on March 22, 2021, 03:47:18 PM »
Buongiorno a tutti, premetto che lavoro con magic info express prevalentemente su window e su svariati monitor di tutti i tipi e con tutti i Player e non ho quasi mai avuto problemi non risolti successivamente.
Ora sta succedendo una cosa strana quando lavoro con magic Info Express 2 player s6 in ambito Mac os ( problema che non si verifica in ambito Window. )
Creo un cartello contenente un carosello di immagini , cioè trascino le immagini una sopra l'altra creando una galleria. Creo una playlist e la invio al monitor e mi accorgo che alcune  immagini non vengono visualizzate lasciando un buco temporale prima che appaia la foto successiva.
Torno nel cartello clicco sul carosello per visualizzare le miniature e noto che nella galleria di immagini che si crea alla base del cartello , al posto dell'immagine visualizzata appare una x.
Premetto che le foto sono sia jpg che jpeg che si vedono bene  sul Mac e che hanno le stesse caratteristiche delle altre.

A qualcuno succede questa strana cosa?

Grazie in anticipo, è un mistero!
MagicInfo / Re: MagicInfo alternatives
« Last post by tasosgri on March 18, 2021, 06:05:18 PM »
Hi, I have the same issue. Could you please inform me how this situation turned up and maybe with a fix?

Thank you.
Hi there , I have two DC43J Samsung Smart Signage screens - all I need to do is for them to connect and display a static web page.
I could not find any thing trawling around the manual and the devices themselves.

I have done the same thing with smaller screens DB10E and these work perfectly.

All I can see available to do this is using MagicInfo Express 2 but due to the issue where I cannot see these devices ( unless I'm on the same subnet/switch/vlan) I still cannot program them using Magic Info. I may have to take the device off the wall to plug it into a single switch to program it. But then I'd have to do this twice a year as there is a daylight saving glitch with MagicInfo and the website I am connecting to.

Any assistance, pointers, words of wisdom would be appreciated.


SMART Signage TV / Re: ME40C & ME46C OSD not showing
« Last post by Paydirt on March 03, 2021, 02:19:54 AM »
Fixed it by typing in the following when the TV was off: Mute 1 8 2 then power on, but i had to use the power on button on the back of the tv, took a few tries.
SMART Signage TV / ME40C & ME46C OSD not showing
« Last post by Paydirt on March 03, 2021, 01:51:47 AM »
Hello, I got a couple of ME40C and ME46C displays and im trying to set them up but I can't see the On Screen Display settings menus, I can hear the menu so I know it should be up. I have tried MDC over R45 without any luck (everyting is greyed out).

Is there any way to reset the displays or am I missing something?
Dear keee2k,

I have not much experience with MSSQL (more PostgreSQL).

But When choosing the WAS only function you still need to create the magicinfo database in the MSSQL server.

For my understanding MSSQL server, the password id needed to access MSSQL and the Database user password is the user that has access to the specific database in this case magicinfo.

I hope this information will help you.

Kind regards,
Could you also please tell me if MSSQL Server password is the same as Database User password or is it 2 different things
As i was told this should be the same thing.
Or how does it work when i am installing this only choosing WAS installation.
MagicInfo Lite / Re: Problem Approving Devices, new clean installation
« Last post by Pepijn on February 04, 2021, 01:12:46 PM »
Dear rgonzalez,

A strange situation seems like MagiciNFO cannot read your device group structure. Have you tried making a new organization and adding the screen in there?

Kind regards,
Dear Keee2k,

I don't think is causing the issue. This is more an error about an alarm setting within MagicINFO.

Kind regards, Pepijn.
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