Get DeviceId from MagicInfo website

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Get DeviceId from MagicInfo website
« on: April 30, 2021, 09:23:21 AM »
Hi everyone!

I have MagicInfo Premium with S3 players displaying a layout with a webpage embebbed. Adding a url widget to a layout in MagicInfo I can display my webpage inside MagicInfo inside TVs. My problem is that I need get and display the Device ID or Device serial number into my webpage.

I found Tizen website APIs and 'productInfo' API module to get Device ID, but my webpage is not a Tizen app, is a simple webpage hosted in a private server like '', and MagicInfo is displaying this website with a get request.

How can I access to TV serial number, MAC or IP address from a website through MagicInfo webview widget? Any idea?

I tried to generate a id number with fingerprint but all tvs generate same fingerprint because all tvs are same model with same configuration.
I tried to generate a random ID and save it at localstorage, sessionStorage and a cookie but TVs restart automatically and periodically and all that info is deleted, so a new random ID is generated and i miss identification.
I tried to pass a custom ID through url like '', but i have S3 players and I can not use MagicInfo variable tags so I have to create a custom layout for every tv, and manage content for every layout is a hard work.
I cannot get the private ip address and use it to generate a identifier.
I can develope native Tizen app to get access to Tizen apis and get tv serial number, but I need to display MagicInfo and my website same time, and not only my custom Tizen app with the website. If I develope a native Tizen app I have to choose to launch on Tv, Magic Info app or my custom Tizen app, and I want to display Magic Info and my webpage at same time.

Someone knows how can I get access to serial number, mac address or ip address from a webpage hosted in a private server that is displayed into magic info website?

Thanks in advance!!!