Hardware - Very Dim Screen - OH55F

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Hardware - Very Dim Screen - OH55F
« on: November 24, 2022, 05:31:13 PM »
Howdy folks,

Total newbie here. I own a small ice cream shop in upstate New York and I have 2 Samsung OH55F screen that run Magic Info to display my menu. I use the screencon.eu service to upload my menu as it changes.

Recently, one of my screens went very dark. Not off, just very very dim. If I crouch and look at the screen at a very acute angle, I can see the content and change settings.

The other screen is working as it should. I haven’t changed any settings on the hardware. On the dim screen, eco mode is off. I’ve restarted the unit. 

We spent so much money on this units, I’m really nervous the screen is broken, but perhaps there is a setting or configuration that will bring it back to life.

I’ve moved the brightness and contrast to 100 but that’s doesn’t appear to be issue.

I have not reset to factory settings for fear of losing my configuration to screencom.eu

Any assistance or tips would be very much appreciated.


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Re: Hardware - Very Dim Screen - OH55F
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2022, 09:59:48 AM »
Dear Ppierre61,

Get in contact with the people off Screencom.eu. You can request a firmware update or request assistance with a factory reset on the screen.

Kind regards, Pepijn