URL Launcher (Hospitality) - resolution and font quality

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URL Launcher (Hospitality) - resolution and font quality
« on: January 16, 2017, 07:26:42 AM »
Hi all,
I'm developping an html webpage which contains 4 iframes, loading data from automation & control system.
Example here : http://www.hydroguides.ch/ndd/index.html

I'm facing resolution and fonts problem. On IE, Firefox,... browsers, all is displaying find. On the Hospitality browser (via URL Launcher) of the TV (model DM40E) the font family and size is not good. Any idea of the problem ? Or any suggestion to optimise the display of these iframes ?

Thanks & regards,



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Re: URL Launcher (Hospitality) - resolution and font quality
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2017, 03:07:31 PM »
Hey Steve,

Developing for the H.Browser can indeed be a pain, browser on your PC are supported by a webkit to help with scaling and adjusting which makes live testing though to do.
iFrames are supported in de H.Browser but how the content within them is shown may take a couple of attempt to get right.
In your case I would start with defining everything that goes wrong;
e.g. The font-size is wrong in an element? define the font-size in your css in that element
still wrong? use px instead of em.. etc. for every little bug and squask them one-by-one

The next version of Samsung profesional monitors ( F series instead of E ) are going to use and entirly new browser aswel, making us currently reworking everything we built sofar, the new browser is how ever a lot easier to program for, Tizen (the new browser) has a PC-compatible test-browser! seems like Samsung is learning for their mistakes finally.

best of luck Steve,