New DC49H not pulling schedule / content

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New DC49H not pulling schedule / content
« on: May 02, 2018, 04:49:43 PM »
We are running MagicInfo Server V3.0 Build NA-MIILS-3003.3 with multiple DB48E and DB55E TVs/monitors that connect/display fine.
We recently purchased some DC49H TVs/monitors that will not pull the pre-existing content and schedule to the TV.
I am able to see the TV time through the server, along with on/off schedule, they have been approved, etc
But they say No data/no schedule. The setup hasn't changed for these compared to what we used to do before.

This is what it says for firmware version for the TV : T-NT14DHAKUC 1000.2;T-NT14DHDWWS 1000

Does it need a firmware upgrade/something else I am not aware of?