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« on: March 22, 2021, 09:17:19 PM »

I am a new owner for 3 QM55R Samsung displays trying to setup magicinfo server. I have been contact with the magicinfo support but they were unable to solve my problem.

The case I am trying to solve is that I have installed the server on my PC located at my home with MSSQL database and connected the screens (located in my office and in a different network) with the server's IP (which is a static IP). I have approve the screens and I am able to control them but when I deploy the content and schedules, the screens cannot download and it hangs. I have update the screen's firmware, I have changed the server's config file (ontentApproval.enable = false) as I was pointed by the support but nothing seems to fix the download problem. At start, when I had the server and the screens under the same network everything worked fine but when I moved the screens to the place that they should be (office - an other network) that problem occurred. I am not sure if you could help me out with this kind of problems but I gave it a try as I am trying to fix that for many days and I have lost time and money (for screens not playing as they should).

Thank you in advance.