Downgrade firmware on DB48E display

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Downgrade firmware on DB48E display
« on: July 21, 2016, 06:19:36 PM »

I apologize ahead of time if this is in the wrong category.  I was a total noob and updated the firmware on our DB48E signage.  Now the Magic Info is more restrictive than it was before and I lost the ability to set a On/Off timer within the TV now I have to do it through the Magic Info which is a total pain and also defeats the purpose of why we bought the signage in the first place.  Do you know of anyway to downgrade the firmware.  Samsung sent me the firmware and I put it on a flash drive but I can't get the TV to recognize the file.   Each time I go to update firmware it just says my network is disconnected.  Any help would be appreciated. 


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Re: Downgrade firmware on DB48E display
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2022, 05:00:50 PM »
Technically it is possible to downgrade the firmware on the screen, but with special firmware and special procedure.
Personally I donĀ“t recommend to do it.
Instead check the issue you have, any screen can be setted up for automatic turn on and off timer, no matter the firmware, unless you have a hardware issue. If the power goes off and time/timer reset to zero, then you have a hardware issue and no firmware will help you.


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Re: Downgrade firmware on DB48E display
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2022, 03:29:08 PM »

Indeed it is not recommended to roll back on firmware.

To use a USB drive it needs to be formatted at FAT32
You need to place the two files (I believe the .bem and the info text file) in the root of your drive.

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