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Title: Schedule shows no program, Device status in endless loop
Post by: MarkusW on November 30, 2017, 09:44:02 AM

we're using Magic Info Server V3.1 Build NA-MILS-3106.0

Since few days, when i open my schedule, i don't see any programs saved!
In the PostgreSQL-Table (Windows, PostgreSQL 9.4)  the programs are stored.
When i store a new program, it's also in the table, but not shown in the schedule as graph!

Also when i want to refresh a device, it also goes into an endless loop.
But when i cancel the action, i see the current status!

I deleted all logs and found
in the openapi.log "[2017-11-30 10:21:08] ERROR xstream null in aliasXStream(obj)"
in the wsrm.log
"[2017-11-30 10:32:54] ERROR [] - addDeviceGroupMappedInProgramTemp Failed"

Any advice?

Thanks for your help!