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Title: How best to setup MagicInfo and Schedular
Post by: LondonKid on May 01, 2012, 11:18:50 AM
Hello All...

I'm kind of new to this MagicInfo-but have managed to get a few things done-but still was wondering if the experts could shed some light on a few issues.

My current set up:
-2 screens on a work LAN with DHCP enabled and pointing to a Magicinfo server (screens not on Domain)
-Powerpoint viewer installed on both screens
-client PC with software

I can publish the powerpoint fine...but it does not adhere to a schedule. Also is and when someone turns the screen off it looses the content abd has to be re-pushed.

I was wondering if someone can explain how best to do a schedule such that the powerpoint displays between certain hours and if the screen is shut off it doesnt loose the config.

many thanks