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Title: MagicInfo-I box with projector
Post by: ngreenwell on June 06, 2014, 02:05:40 PM
OK So here is my situation.... We have a brand new magicinfo-I box, and a 3 year old MagicInfo Pro signage system. I want to do 2 things with it....

1. Install MagicInfo Pro v3102 onto the new box, so it works alongside the old system
2. Display out onto a third party projector, not a Samsung screen.

So far I am failing on both counts! Cant find a v3102 installation is the first problem. Second is that I have installed an earlier version (v2500) onto the new box, which connects to the server correctly, and I can install software, commit changes etc. However when I try to publish anything to my new screen, all I get  is a black screen displaying.

Can anyone help?!