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MagicInfo-I Premium / MagicInfo Premium Datalink exchange/outlook module
« Last post by achilo on April 18, 2018, 02:04:00 PM »

After instalation and licencisng the MI DataLink I'm able to create servise for DB module, excell module, XML and JSON module. But when I try to create Exchange , Outlook or Google calendar module I always see the error in attachment. Could anybody tell me what is wrong? Thank you
MagicInfo-I Premium / Re: MagicInfo Premium DataLink DB module connection
« Last post by achilo on April 18, 2018, 01:56:55 PM »
I have to use "IPaddress/DB_name" instead of "MSSQL-IPaddress/DB_name" in database_URL. Now the small test DB with one table is connected and worked. Second problem is, when i tryied to connect one of our big development DB I end up with error in attachment.
MagicInfo-I Premium / MagicInfo Premium DataLink DB module connection
« Last post by achilo on April 18, 2018, 11:07:11 AM »
I'm trying to create service for default DB module to connect our MSSQL database. I'm still getting error "Data source connection failure". Is there any way how to resolve what can be wrong? I can only provide the tomcat log in attachment.
I recently re- installed MagicInfo Server. I can navigate to the log in page with no problem. When I attempt to sign in I get a page with the following in the address bar: (ip address with port)/MagicInfo/j_spring_security_check) Oops!(500) I think we have broken something broken. Please contact to your contact point.

Does anybody have any suggestions?
MagicInfo Pro / Re: MagicInfo Tags
« Last post by DJY on April 09, 2018, 03:09:15 AM »
Hi Tril, I’m interested to know if you got to the bottom of your tagging question? I have a query about the AND/OR options when tagging content and thought you may be able to offer some advice? Thanks David
Try installing version 9.5
MagicInfo Express / Store Name Showing in Slideshow
« Last post by Chris Stegner on April 03, 2018, 03:39:58 PM »
I just started using MagicINFO Express 2 and put together a simple folder of images that show for 5 seconds each. Everything was very easy to setup and upload... super happy so far!

The only thing (so far) I'm having problems with, is that the name of the store is showing up on the display. Can that be removed, and if so, directions on how to do so would be helpful.
OK. So it seems to be critical that PostgreSQL is at the correct version. The "correct" version isn't available on the PostgreSQL website anymore so it's a bit harder to find. No doubt its available from Samsung.
From the top (in order of installation):
Win 10 Pro x64 (not virtualised) with all updates.
Java Version 8 Update 161
PostgreSQL 10 installed
MagicInfo Server 4101.8
Firewall disabled for troubleshooting

Navigating to localhost:7001/MagicInfo gives the usual log-in screen
Entering "admin" and "admin2016" causes a wait then a ERROR 500 page

I can see that the path to postgreSQL is correct in the MagicInfo config. But I suspect that there is a failure of communication between MagicInfo and the database.

Is there a version of the database that is more compatible with MagicInfo? Given it's just issuing SQL commands does MagicInfo care what version prostgreSQL is?

What else could it be? Any and all help appreciated. I'm giving up for the night.
i 2 got same screen.. any solutions for this issue?
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