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Cannot display content from Server
« on: October 31, 2012, 06:58:23 PM »
I have one LH32HBSLB - I have installed the Server software correctly, I have attached the device and I can monitor the device from the web interface. I uploaded some pictured and created a test playlist, I then scheduled it to play all day to the one group containing my 1 monitor and all I see is the default MagicIno-I rubix cube over and over. Am I missing something? all the software is running in the Tray (It saays connected to server when you hover mouse over the icon. It is using default port of 7001 (I tried changing it to port 21 as I  saw another post of someone that said that worked, It lost connection to my server when I did that). I can telnet to my Server on port 7001 and 21... I have been on hold with Samsung for 3 hours.. I am about to pull my hair out!! ???