SBB stays powered up - and powers the screen back up!

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SBB stays powered up - and powers the screen back up!
« on: February 12, 2013, 12:08:31 PM »
Hello everyone,

I hope somebody can help me, I am new to Digital Signage and to this forum (but loving both so far!)

I have bought a few Samsung 400MX-3 screens and SBB-Q32AX4/EN Set Back boxes.  They have been so easy to setup and work with so far with one exception......

When the screen is powered down (using the timers or the remote control) the SBB stays powered up.
The SBB then powers the screen back up.

This is happening on all of my units so I don't think it is a fault, more a setting that I am missing.

I have tried some of the suggestions elsewhere on the forum such as setting the registry setting on the SBB to
be shutdown rather than restart but this has not helped.

I could not use the short MagicInfo cable that came with the SBB as it does not reach on the 400MX.  Does the
longer cable have the same functionality?  When I set a timer it does transfer from the SBB to the screen so it
looks like they are communicating OK generally.

I would really appreciate any thoughts before I tear what is left of my hair out!

Thanks and Regards,