Different small and big troubles

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Different small and big troubles
« on: August 09, 2013, 02:48:09 PM »
I am using a Large Format Display and I's like to controll its displaying content over network via a server.
I installed postgreSQL and MagicInfo Server on a PC and connected it through a simple 100mbit ethernet switch to that display (LH32MEBPLGC).
On the server (PC) is the MagicInfo server running, I can connect from that machine with localhost:7001/MagicInfo using an admin login. There we have our first problem. After logging in I end up on the start/home/main/whatever window with a HTTP status 500 error. Nonetheless the other areas like content or settings are displayed correctly (although I get a browser message that I need to resend the data...any help with this probleme as well?).

Furthermore, I was able to allow/approve the monitor on the website, since then the monitor shows up as "not connected". Why?
In the monitor settings is the correct server-ip and the correct port (7001, the webport I guess? btw, I have port 7000 set for streaming, port 5432 is the SQL database and port 21 obviously a FTP which is not set up quite right, either.). Both the monitor and the server have their own manually set ip.

The next problem is my incapability to upload data such as pictures or videos. When I want to upload a file I get error messages and should contact the administrator (well...me, I guess). It doesn't matter what upload-method/protocoll I use, it gives me different messages every time.
Is there a way to upload a file "locally"? I mean, I'm really sitting in front of the server, so there should be a way to just drag&drop files somewhere to use it...some kind of "uploadfolder"...right?  Without having to "upload" it?

So...well...at this point I'm pretty much helpless and hope you guys can help me.

Thanks in advance for any answer, either in German or English, doesnt't really matter.

Max Gembe,