2-Area Static Image rotator and Flash object, using single library

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Hi there-
I need to create a library for ~70 screens (some 460DXn, some ME46) using a template as outlined in the subject.  My screens play similar content (ads) and need to be updated more than once a week. Ideally, I need to upload the new image and have it apply to all screens using that image while the flash object does not change (i.e. XXX.jpg is in 42 screens. Club XXX has a new promo, upload a new XXX.jpg and it's applied to all screens)

The FREE MagicInfo Pro did this easily, the MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE MIIP 2002.2 seems incapable of completing this innocuous task.  I've tried the author (but don't have a whole other life to spend updating/publishing each screen individually) playlists [2-areas not supported?]  I've spoken to countless Samsung techs, Brawn consulting, none have helped.
Obviously any help is more than appreciated.