Fonts don't display on screen

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Fonts don't display on screen
« on: November 14, 2013, 02:03:38 PM »
Hello, I'm new and french. I hope my english is not to bad...
I use Magicinfo in a school.
I have a notepad to prepare and scheduled infos. It's connected to a Samsung screen with the internal network.
My problem is with the fonts. The fonts used on my computer don't display on the screen.
I have tried to instal the same fonts on the screen system (windows, system, Fonts) manually with a USB key but the problem remain the same...
There are 2 hard drives on the screen : C with the system and D larger with MagicInfo installed on.
Should MagicInfo be installed on C to be able to use the fonts ?
Do I have to re-install the sofware or to upgrade ? (it is a litle old...) ?
Thank you for your help.