One screen showing repeated error in scheduler - screenshot attached

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Hi there!

OK, we fixed the operating system problem, but now we're having issues with one of the screens (we have two) and the scheduler. I set the schedule for about 10 days, published, and was good that day. When I came in the next day, though, the screen on one of the monitors was frozen and I have a peculiar error - I attached the screen shot below.

It says both monitors have a publishing size of 18.3 MB, but one says there's 1.9 KB free and the other one says 0 KB free. The one that has 0 free space has the 18.3 MB in red and the screen icon, rather than showing the scheduler icon, has a yellow question mark. If I try to publish the schedule again to kick-start that monitor that's frozen, the message on the far right is "Operation mode is not scheduler" - so it won't publish.

Help! I'm new here, but this makes no sense to me. Does it have a setting wrong somewhere? Am I trying to schedule too much at one time? What do you do if it freezes/have you ever had this happen? I'm heading off on my honeymoon in a few weeks and trying to get everything squared away so that scheduler will run seamlessly while I'm gone!

ANY help would be much appreciated.


Offline Bill Coral

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From what I can see on your JPG, is that the screens are on a different application. You clearly have MagicInfo pro running on the Server/Scheduler and Screen2, but on MagicNet (?) screen you run the old version of MagicNet. This does no longer exist. What is your device? If it is a DXn onwards, then you need to set the player in a SCHEDULER mode. To do this, you need to go to the MagicNet Screen, with a keyboard and mouse, press Alt-F12, right click on the Globe at the bottom right hand corner, go to Setup and choose the tab to run the Sceduler program and NOT Player. Ensure you Commit Changes through EWF and re-launch MagicInfo.