livestream website not working on sbb-cd7

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livestream website not working on sbb-cd7
« on: December 24, 2013, 09:21:56 PM »
Has anyone been able to get to play in a web (IE) window? It can play just fine in IE on the player itself and in the author preview,  but when running magicinfo it gives me an "upgrade your browser" window.
Here is an example of a stream:
I've done the suggested fix from Livestream but it's not working.
I've even updated to IE 11, and tried Firefox, updated my shockwave player, still doesn't work in MagicInfo.
I'm using MagicInfo Author 2, server is 2.0, player is 2.0 and Windows 7 (SBB-CD7)
I can't understand why it can play the livestream in IE on the player but not in the magicinfo program, it says upgrade browser. (and it previews fine in Author on my laptop)
Anyone have any suggestions?