Unit does not send cookies with https request

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Unit does not send cookies with https request
« on: July 16, 2014, 03:26:10 PM »
Hi.  I am working with a Samsung Color Display Unit DB32D for a customer, and trying to load our web site on it.  I am encountering a few problems, and our customer's contact at Samsung, Harry Brauer, sent me to this forum to ask for help.  Here are the issues that I am currently having, and I would appreciate any help you can offer.

1) The first request that the unit is sending is the URL that I have configured, but with 'sssp_config.xml' appended to the end of it. Then,
after 6 seconds have elapsed, a second request is sent, for the URL that I have actually entered. What is sssp_config.xml, is there any way to
stop this request from being sent, and more importantly, is there a way to avoid the 6 second delay before the unit sends the actual request for
the page that we're interested in?

2) After the actual URL we've requested has returned, another request comes through for that same URL, but this time with the following string
appended to the end of the URL:
If this request returns a 200 response, the unit seems to use THIS URL, instead of the one we have entered. Until I figured this out, I was
getting back the wrong response from our web site, because of this parameter. When I appended an extra & to the end of the URL that I entered, this
solved this problem. What is this extra request, and is there any way to suppress it?

3) MOST IMPORTANTLY: I don't seem to be able to establish an SSL connection to our servers at all. The initial response from the server
sets a cookie on the client, and this cookie needs to be sent in all subsequent requests.  This is how we handle authentication. When I use http instead of https, that cookie is sent. However, if I use https, the unit will not send back any cookies to the server. Instead, the request is sent without a cookie, and the server sends a 302 redirect to a login page. Oddly, instead of displaying the login page, the client simply displays the message
'Network connection lost'. How can we debug to find out why the unit is not sending the cookies when connecting via https?

4) As a temporary work-around, if I use http instead of https, I am able to connect to our web site.  Once I am finally able to connect, we have an event that occurs on the page that plays a basic HTML audio clip.  The HTML looks like this:

<audio id='notifySound'>
<source src='/qless/resources/doorbell.ogg' type='audio/ogg'/>
<source src='/qless/resources/doorbell.mp3' type='audio/mpeg'/>

and the Javascript is simply:


However, every SUBSEQUENT time that the audio plays, until the page is reloaded, there is a delay of EXACTLY 6 seconds between the Javascript
call to play() the audio, and when the audio actually plays. Any idea why the unit is introducing this delay? The fact that is is so reliably 6 seconds every time, and the fact that this 6 second delay was also seen in between that sssp_config.xml request and the request for what is actually configured, suggests to me that this delay is being introduced intentionally by the unit.

5) When the audio does play, it sounds significantly distorted / low quality. Any idea why this might be?

6) Our customer is using the same model of device, and the same firmware version, to load the same web page, and they are unable to hear any audio from the page at all.  Why would it be different for them, and what can we do to help them troubleshoot this problem?



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Re: Unit does not send cookies with https request
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2014, 11:54:23 AM »

I am dealing also with DB32D model and URL Launcher. Did you succeeded to run web 1080p resolution with sssp_config.xml?
Sorry, but I don’t know answer on your problem.