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Magic Info Player
« on: September 19, 2014, 05:23:25 PM »
First off I wanted to say hello, and thank-you for all of the posts I've read as a guest (there are some fantastic tips/troubleshooting posts in the forum).

I had the pleasure of installing 2 of the new DB48B monitors this week.  We have been using the MD and ME series with great success (especially in standalone environments with USB being used to change content).  What I immediately noticed with the new series, MagicInfo-lite is no longer a thing.  There is MagicInfo Player, but it seems you can only use it if the LAN connection is established, or if using a SBB. 

Essentially, to do USB content updates, you need to go through a seemingly convoluted process to transfer your files over, go back to the home screen, build your schedules, go back to the home screen, set your auto on/off, etc.

Has anyone else been finding the "new" systems to be a bit of a pain?  It feels to me like the Microsoft "upgrade" from XP to Vista.