Trouble showing pictures

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Trouble showing pictures
« on: December 12, 2014, 10:04:31 AM »
I have trouble with some new SAMSUNG ME46C 46inch Wide 16:9 edge monitors. First we tried with an older version af MagicInfo Premium Server 2000.7 but we could not connetct to these monitors, they didn´t show up in monitor import, they where not listed. Then we upgraded the software to version 2005.2 version 2 and now we are able to connect to the monitors and the monitors are confirmed in the server. If we look in the MagicInfo setup in the monitors we can see that they are enabled to the server but our big problem is that they don´t show any pictures that we have loaded in teh server software.
We have from earlier 9 other monitors and we had MagicInfo Premium version 2000.7 for about two years and we didn´t have any trouble at all whit software or running pictures from the server to all monitors.
If we now try to connect the earlier monitors to the new server software we have the same problem as with the new monitors, server connection but we run pictures from the server to show n the monitors.
We has also contacted Samsung for this problem but so far no solution... :(
Somebody that can help us with this topic?