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Help getting started
« on: December 24, 2014, 06:59:26 PM »
Hello all,
   1)I just Inherited digital signage responsibility after another employee quit, and I know no nothing about it.  Does anyone have any samsung links that provide training or Information to the software side of MagicInfo: downloads setup instructions, are there lic. to purchase etc. ? some of the links I have found on this site are dead.   
  2) My company is an IT provider that will be installing and configuring these units for customers, probably less than 100.  Is there a hosting solution that I can setup a server at my office and host all of my customers displays from it or do I need a dedicated server at each customer ? 

thanks in advance


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Re: Help getting started
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2015, 12:24:00 PM »
Brawn consuling had some good guides, they are currently updating they're info for the new MagicInfo v3 versions

For software and official guide you can request an access code to the Global Samsung Business Network

A MagicInfo server needs to be in the same network as the monitors, you can of course you a datacloud hosting the server in their network.
But I'd definitely advice against using the same network range for all your costumers monitors.