Magicinfo Videowall Network problems

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Magicinfo Videowall Network problems
« on: December 29, 2014, 05:33:11 PM »
Hi, I hope someone can help me.
I spent some time on these problems and didn't find any solution.

I have 3 x Samsung ME46C_P (vertical) mounted on a wall. I Want this as my Videowall.
They are all connected to my Gigabit Network which is working fine.

On a PC I'm running Magicinfo Videowall author and there is no problem of generating a timeline with several Videos which are running on all three displays as a Videowall.
So when I want to publish this to console, all is working fine and after that I have a *.vwl which I can load in Magicinfo Videowall Console. The File has 139 MB, so it's quite small.
Now I'm sending it to the attached displays and now my problems start:
It takes very long to send it.
When I look in my Network-Settings, I Can see, the traffic my PC is sending out is about 5 times higher than the 139 MB.
With Videos about 900 MB The Displays are loosing the network and the PC is sending them about 5 GB.
And when I want to publish a Playlist with the *.vwl-File of 139MB from above to repeat 10 times, the PC is also sending about 5 GB.

So what can I do to have less network traffic and to start the Videos faster? Anyone an idea?
My Goal is to generate a *.vwl-file with videos of 10 hours. Or a playlist with 2 times the same *.vwl of 5 hours. So round about 6 GB and to send it. The network should be able to do that. But I don't know if the displays are also able.

My last idea is, if maybe the videos have not exactly the right dimensions they need to have and the PC is pushing them in the right format before sending out. So the more traffic would come from that.

Hope someone got an idea and I hope I didn't miss information you'll need for solving the problem.

Best regards,



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Re: Magicinfo Videowall Network problems
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2015, 02:19:53 PM »
Hi all,

Thank you MGleich for your message , It seems like we have the same issue , I have 5x1 Pe46P vertical screens in one raw and my issue like the same it took long time to publish also when its published all screens looks like not on one sync also some screens restarts i dono what is the exactly problem i made a change and it works I did the movies separated in 2 minutes then I  published them then I uploaded them in one playlist on the console but the problems now is i have a transition time playing the playlist between each 2 there is a delay and a blanch screen for 2 seconds and i don't want that at all . please help us.