im lost with MagicInfo and products

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im lost with MagicInfo and products
« on: January 28, 2015, 06:35:24 PM »
I have a DM65D which im trying to get working but unfortunately all of the help centers i have contacted on the TV and the software dont truly seem to understand the product. These are my main questions of concern.

1. Is there a charge for the less than 25 displays?
2. I have magicinfo server installed in a VM but it wants to be licensed. If i do this is that VM locked with the server or can I get another license key to have it registered on an actual hosting server?
3. I have learned that magic info express will work with the RM series and let you upload directly to the tv. Is there a way of uploading from a PC to the DM series of TVs without using the server?
4. I have magicinfo author but it as well will not upload or FTP to the TV. any reason why?
5. Are there alternate software packages that will actually work without having to jump through hoops?
and finally
6. There is mention of a client that will turn a XP box into a MagicInfo box but of course this does not work on 7. Is there one as it would make managing my other 3 displays much easier.