VideoWall Black transition

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VideoWall Black transition
« on: February 12, 2015, 02:38:50 PM »
Hey All,

      I have a 5x1 Vertical Video wall on PE-46P and I'm facing the following :

I have a menu should be displayed all day but each 1 minute on 3 screens i have to turn them to a video for 15 seconds and then get it back to the normal menu , I have tried to make a *.VWL on MagicInfo VideoWall Authors in a 10 minutes timeline but when i send it as a schedule on the screens I saw that some screens cannot play the schedule ,others restarts and others play not on one sync,
* the VWL File size is 135MB only .
so i separated the videos and i made a 2minutes timeline and inside the 2 minutes i inserted the video and uploaded them as 3 VML files for 6 minutes and on the console i made a playlist with the 3 VWL files and made a schdule for them playing the playlist , the problem now each 2 minutes when stop playing the first VML and playing the second one a blank screens appears for a 2 seconds .
is there anyone facing the issue and have suggestion or this is far Samsung MagicInfo goes ??? please help