MagicInfo Express Schedule won't open on Samsung RMD40

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MagicInfo Express Schedule won't open on Samsung RMD40
« on: March 31, 2015, 02:16:55 PM »
Hello everybody,

I bought the Samsung RM40 Smart Signage TV (LH40RMDPLGU,

When I first tested it, I created schedules on MagicInfo Express, exported it to the screen and it played the schedule without any problems.

I didn't use the screen for a month, and when I exported a new schedule last week, the screen won't play it. The files I want to play are just regular .jpg files and a mp4 file. When I save the schedule on a USB, MagicInfo creates 2 folders on the USB, Schedules & Content. When I plug in the USB into the screen, it says there are no files in the Schedule-folder. However, all the picutures and mp4's are in the Content-folder, so I know the screen recognizes the files. I can show the content on the screen by selecting all the files, but I need the screen to play the schedule because of the automatic start- and stopping time. Also because in the Schedule, I gave different play-lengts to each picture.

It drives me crazy because the screen is almost brand new and I have seen it working perfect. This problem just came out of the blue.

Can someone help me out?