Magic info lite schedule has issues when using 2 diffferent movies

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Happy to have a MD32B . Using "usb autoplay" with 2 differents movies each around one hour is ok => you can see them normaly. But using very simple local program (start 9AM end 11Am, 2 movies chosen as "1" and "2" saying after the fist movie the second one has to start) to schedule during two hours these 2 movies has strange effect...first movie ends after one hour, the second one starts but never ends...after a while (around 10mn second one is over) first movie start again....=> not possible to watch the whole second movie... why ? Do I have to change version ? Do I have the latest ? Not possible to know on any site...Please help me !

my settings :
software : T-GAPLBDWWC-1008.4
Serial Number MD32b Z9R6HS2D4001143

magicinfolite version:

name: monitor
serial : 48-44-f7-35-b8-01
version = A-VNUSCDSP-1008.4