Monitoring Thumbnail shows 'Turned On' rather than the current screenshot

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Hi there,

Wondering if anyone has come across this and knows how to resolve it?

We've got 42 panels registered in MagicInfo Lite so far, but we're finding that some panels (2 so far), in the DEVICE>Monitoring page will never display the screenshot of what they're playing (like all the other panels), but instead just show that the TV is turned on (see attached). We have confirmation though that both these panels are correctly displaying the content and have double checked that the settings on the panel mirror all the other panels that are working correctly.

If anyone has any ideas on this, I would be very interested to hear.

Kind regards,


Offline stepfes

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same effect - but only with Videowall devices.
Changing the View Mode to "Screen Capture" and Device Connections to "Connected"  fixed it for me.