Unable to upload Modified .DLK file to server? File type unable

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Unable to upload Modified .DLK file to server? File type unable
« on: January 21, 2016, 04:43:50 PM »
Question is why can't I upload a modified .DLK file to the server?

I know in MagicInfo Server I can download a .DLK (content file) that was created from a .LFT (template file).  Also, I know I can change that file extension of the .DLK file to a .txt file and then I can see the xml data of the .DLK file. Below is an xml piece example from the .txt file. It lists the name, change duration, width, height, and position of the element. It also tells the element which data type, server address, and value location (data view table, cell column and row) on the server to select.

              <Element no="1" type="Text">
               <Data type="Dynamic">
                                                            <ValueLocation view="h">DL_VIEW_12345678910_TX.DL_F3.1</ValueLocation>

The reason I ask is we recently changed our data view which broke all 360 cell connections. The fix can be simple, I go on to our MagicIndfo Server go to content, go to the .DLK file, select it, click Edit, click Edit again and change the first datalink field to point to the new datalink data view. Then save and download the .DLK file and change it to a .txt file. Open it. Copy the old datalink DL_VIEW_##########_TX.DL and find and replace it with the first one that I changed on the server to the new one. Then change it back to a .DLK file. I was done in a couple minutes. However, I am unable to upload it using the java app back to the server. DLK File type not supported.

Has anyone done anything like this? I'm just trying to avoid having to manually reconnect every cell through the web interface, which seems very is very inefficient.

Please advise.