Each page load selects HDMI input

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Each page load selects HDMI input
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:55:40 PM »
We have a program made with Author with multiple pages that contain a 1/3 slide on the left of the screen.  On the right is a global input source element that just shows CNN through the HDMI input.

Every minute a new page loads showing a different slide on the left.  It selects the HDMI input which causes a few second delay and shows the "Input Source: HDMI" message.  The input source is on the global page and the global play policy says "Play just once throughout all pages", but it still selects the input. Start time is 0, and duration and repetition cycle is 10 hours.  Stop repetition says 1 minute, but is grayed out.

Am I not doing something right?  Maybe that stop repetition time setting is messing with it anyway?

I've checked that there are no inputs on the other pages.