Need help with scheduling!

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Need help with scheduling!
« on: May 25, 2010, 09:15:48 PM »
I am wondering, is everyone on this forum using the advanced version? I haven't been able to get any support from
I requested the advanced version, and they sent me to their ftp, which only contained MagicInfo-Pro. For our needs it makes much more sense to use MagicInfo-i, but the basic version is not working at all for me.
I am using Build. 2009 1116 1317, and here are my issues.

- when I create a new schedule, and drag the desired timeline as shown in tutorials, choose the content etc and click save, the content doesn't save and the little gray box doesn't show on the timeline. kinda makes it hard
- also can someone please explain to me in detail, if I ever do get that issue to work, how to turn the display on and off at certain times?


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Re: Need help with scheduling!
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2010, 07:47:12 AM »
You can do all these things that you have requested through Magicinfo I. The problem is that the Magicinfo I Advanced and Premium are chargeable products. You need to get to your dealer to give a price. But you can download the Advanced version which is 60 days free trial anyhow.

After you evaluated it and if you do like it, then you need to ask your dealer to get it. I think that Samsung has an integration partner which is a Samsung subsidiary and they are called SDS. In Asia they are as big as Cap Gemimin and EDS. It may be worth getting in touch with them.

Which country are you at? I can only give you the support line of SDS in the UK which is 0044 (0)1932 834066.