MagicInfo Server V3.0 - Device Approval Issue

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MagicInfo Server V3.0 - Device Approval Issue
« on: July 10, 2016, 12:56:21 PM »
Hello All,

I have installed MagicInfo Server V3.0 Build NA-MIIPS-3001.11_a software on my laptop and PostgreSQL Version 1.8.4
for database.

I access the server via web panel, and registered my MagicInfo Server free license,
in the server License Info panel, it shows Start date 2016-07-04 and Expiration date 2016-09-06.

Now when I click on Device Icon, to add the device over the Wi-Fi  (Samsung's DM32D LED Model Code: LH32DMDPLGC/NG)

It shows this DM32D LED with IP and Mac, and after approving this, it says wait... and the does not appear under devices window.

if i click on unapproved devices, and try to re-add the device it doesn't appeared 2nd time to add.

and there is one note appeared in RED color says:
One or More Device(s) might not be in the unapproved device list due to limited

I am not sure, is it happening due to free licenses ?

I will appreciate any position help in this matter please.