DB40E, cannot edit Connection or Time Zone setting on displays.

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I have 22 DB40E displays connected to my server, 4 of these displays do not allow me to edit or adjust the Connection and Time Zone settings. When I view their independent information, both the Connection section and Time Zone sections are missing from the menu. Attached is a photo of my devices, I noticed that although they are connected to my server and I can adjust their respective schedules, they do not display the MagicInfo Server URL, is there a way to adjust these 4 displays, to show both the Connection settings and allow me to edit the Time Zone settings?



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Re: DB40E, cannot edit Connection or Time Zone setting on displays.
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2016, 07:15:43 PM »
The thing I would start with would be ensuring all your Firmware is up to date.  It seems odd to me that only those 4 would be missing that info on the server, if it were a server bug, I would expect all monitors to be missing that.  Manually update the F/W with a USB stick if possible, check the settings of the monitors (clock/date/etc).  I have seen missing time info when a monitor hasn't has the clock initially set upon installation.