MagicInfo-P - Generic error on login page

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MagicInfo-P - Generic error on login page
« on: August 11, 2016, 03:39:44 AM »
Hi Everyone

Hoping you can help, ive spent the last few hours banging my head against a wall regarding this issue.
We have had an existing MagicInfo Premium server running for quite a while with no issues - we only need to access it via the web management interface once every 2-4 weeks for updates

Today when trying to access the interface via we receive the following error "
There has been an error. Please contact system administrator if the problem persists." - Thats it, if I click OK im left with a blank screen

If I access I get the Apache tomcat status page, all seems well there

Tried removing Java (have frozen this PC on v7u67) and reinstalling and no change - while Java was uninstalled the page was completely broken and apon reinstall the same error came up, so I don't think its Java

Have completely removed the Antivirus system off this VM (Server 2003, 64 bit) and still had no change.

When I check the MagicInfo server software on the VM (running as admin of course) I can see that both services are running correctly - a quick check of services.msc confirms this

Are there any other steps I could take before I have to wipe the install and start again? I've inherited this setup from the previous I.T Manager and he didnt leave documentation on how it was installed originally so I am reluctant to reinstall unless I have no choice.




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Re: MagicInfo-P - Generic error on login page
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2016, 07:32:57 PM »
Check your ports, if any of them have been closed off due to a perceived threat from the anti-virus, you may end up with something like that.  Also ensure you are using a browser other than IE, Chrome is what is recommended.  Attached is the port allocations.