What is .LFD File and How Much Bandwidth It Consume Over The WAN ? (MagicInfo)

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Hi Folks,

We all know that Magicinfo server send .LFD files to all connected TVs/LFDs.

Could someone explain, what is this .LFD (Large Format Display File) ? i.e. Is it a compress file that send by MagicInfo Server to all TV screen connected with it? or Does Magicinfo Server use any type of File Compression to send the file over the WAN link to connected LFDs?

my 2nd questions is:
If we have a 100MB video file and we need to send it to 5 LFDs over the WAN, will MagicInfo Server make 5 copies of the same file and send to 5 LFDs over the WAN ?
 5 x 100 MB = 500MB that means 500MB file size will be transmit over the WAN link to all LFDs?



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My understanding is that the LFD file contains all of the information from the design in Author (all the content/formatting/timing etc).  By building a single file like this, it should allow the Monitor to read everything in an already compiled format, otherwise you would have to transmit each individual file (the Photo's, videos, documents etc) and the Monitor would need the brains to be able to reassemble everything (think of having a video embedded in a powerpoint then moving the file location of the video, the video will no longer play.  However, if you save your powerpoint as a "show file" it includes a copy of the already embedded video, so the video will work even if you moved the original).  As far as transmission goes, I'm not sure if there is compression, but if you are multi-point addressing, it should be capable of transmitting the single file and having the multiple units pick it up.  I wouldn't be surprised if there was packet numbering happening, given the nature of the product being for signage, so any transmission should be including on the Tx "Sending packets 1-50 of 300" for example, and only continuing on once it gets a received response from all units on the Rx feed.

I'll do some digging and see if I can find anything further on this, hopefully some of the above makes sense though.


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NovaVisual's story is as I understand it too, I'd just like to add that the Samsung LFD's have a cache for the MagicInfo content up to ~7Gb (depending on type of monitor and already stored content) which would mean that the .LFD will be downloaded by the monitor once and the other WAN traffic would just be to check for and fetch updates from the server, e.g. for aan RSS feed it'll just fetch the XML data every x-amount of seconds and not the entire .LFD is nothing changed in the template