Which MagicInfo do I have?

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Which MagicInfo do I have?
« on: October 11, 2016, 09:13:41 AM »
Hi everyone

I am new to the forum and to digital signage, so apologies in advance for my 'amateur' questions  :-)

We have just purchased and installed 4 Samsung LH55UDDPLBB screens to create a video wall at work. We would like to use the screens to display promotional messages when not in TV mode.

I have downloaded the Magic Info Express Software 2, however I have since noticed that there appears to be a variety of MagicInfo software versions (ie. Lite, Pro, Express etc.). Can anyone advise as to how I know which one I should be using of which is installed or will work with our monitors?

Also, I have taken a quick look at the Express 2 software and it seems quite straightforward to produce basic templates however I can't see how I can include social media feeds in these templates. I see there is a widget for 'RSS feeds' but I can't see any options for adding social media feeds. Ideally I would like to include our latest Facebook and Twitter posts to appear within a slide. Does anyone have any experience of this and can explain in 'novice' terms how I can do this.

Many thanks in advance!