Unable to set server setting

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Unable to set server setting
« on: October 31, 2016, 12:23:13 AM »
I picked up some used Samsung DM55D-S machines. They currently have a slideshow going around on them - they appear to have been loaded in the past via MagicInfo (not sure if Express or Server, or what).

When I exit MagicInfo I can choose in the menu the home option (magicinfo, url launcher, or magiciwb-s). However, I can't set the server IP to the magicinfo lite server we have. The server menu is grayed out. Even when inside MagicInfo.

I have set an IP in the network settings and ping the TV. I installed express 2 and when trying to send something to the TV, despite trying all 3 types (E series, S3 and S4) it always says something like device not compatible.

How exactly do I get these devices in a state where I can send them information? What am I missing?