MagicInfo I - PowerPoint shows for 1 second, then skips to next in playlist

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I'm all sorts of drama with getting PowerPoint slides to play properly on a MagicInfo I SBB. We've got 3 and all seem to be having the same problem.

If I have the pptx slideshow as the only item, it plays through all slides to the end correctly (but stays at 'End of slideshow press esc')
If I have the pptx slideshow with another item on the playlist like an image, it will play the pptx for 1 second, then flick straight to the next item which it will play that item for 5 secs, then back to the pptx for 1 second etc..

I've tried MS PowerPoint viewer 2007, MS Powerpoint viewer 2010 (with SP1 and SP2) and also foxit powerpoint viewer, all seem to have an issue.

Server - MagicInfo V4.0 Build NA-MIIPS-4002.0
SBB OS version - NI_SBDA7E32_1001.7
MagicInfo I client - V3.2 NA-MIIPP-3202.0