SBB-F32CV4 with MagicInfo PLayer 3204.0 appears Disconnected in Server 4004.8

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After looking for so many support lines, i haven't been able to solve this.

I have a video wall made with a 3x2 UE55D displays and daisy chain connection, I'm using MagicInfo server V4004.8 and MagicInfo Premium I Player 3204.0 installed in a SBB-F32CV4.

After installation, and for some weeks, the player was working good with no issues, but from a week ago, i've noticing that at noon the SBB appears as "Disconnected" from server. When I do a visual check to the VW, it is turned on and working with no apparent issues.

I can't acces using VNC to the player, neither responds to ping, or any other remote access. The only solution is to manually turn off and on the player to restore it's connection to the server.

What have I done?
I checked the system restart times (it's been set by default to Sundays at 1200) so it's not the issue
I've checked the timers setup (they are OK, turning on at 700am and turning off at 500pm from monday to friday), there's just one timer set.
I've checked the Player OS' timezone, and it's also OK

Any advice on how to solve this???

Thanks for any help!!!