What input sources are supported with magicinfo-i besides AV?

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What input sources are supported with magicinfo-i besides AV?
« on: October 23, 2017, 07:51:13 PM »
In reference to this old post:

I have a DM55E which has a mini-jack for "AV" input, specifically composite output from a cable TV box. It's a special cable from samsung with a mini-jack on one side and RCA jacks on the other, so you are able to get composite/component video into the TV.  I use the "input source" element in magicinfo author and choose AV as the source and it works.

Problem- the new samsung digital signage TVs (ex- QM65H) do not have any way to get composite video into them- samsung has removed the AV minijack from the TV... they only have HDMI inputs now. How am I supposed to get TV in a "picture in picture" window if the only supported source is AV, that the new TVs don't even have??

I called samsung magicinfo support and they were no help, and did not even know about this issue of AV being the only supported source. Does anyone know if this was ever fixed since 2013?