2 issues, Show not running right, and slow upload

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2 issues, Show not running right, and slow upload
« on: June 16, 2010, 08:09:41 PM »
I have sort of a unique situation on my network. my display is setup in our showroom, away from our wired network. to compensate, i have the display connected to a linksys Gaming network adapter. as far as the display is concerned, it is connected directly to our wired network. in reality, it is connected to a wireless N adapter.

it is connected to the NIC in the display, i do have internet access and i can see computers on my network even though the display is connected to a "work group" and everything else is connected to a domain.

i can even connect to the display from the pro "server" software. The problem i am having is the upload speed. we are running a 1GB network. the N adapter connects to our network at 300mbps, and the display shows that it is connected at 100mbps. the upload from teh server however only merrits about 0.17% of available bandwidth. a normal PC to PC file transfer hits closer to 15-20%, so uploading 500mb of video files and schedules to the Display at less than 1% is a bit annoying.

that is where problem 2 comes into play.
i know there is a way to do the same upload via USB memory stick. i can get the programming the way i want it on the server. it runs fine is preview mode. basiclly i have a video area, and i have set it up to play 2 video files. about 500MB total.
i save the screen to a file, then go and create the schedule in the correct mode for USB. the software creates the files, i copy the files to the USB stick and plug the stick into the display

for some reason, after the display uploads about 3-4 min compared to the hours it takes for network upload) the movie plays... the problem is, by using this method, only the first movie plays... not the second. that is the problem. i cant get both videos to play even though it works fine in preview mode.

 would prefer to get the network issue fixed. what am i doing wrong with my network that would cause the upload to run so slowly???


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Re: 2 issues, Show not running right, and slow upload
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2010, 11:56:16 PM »

it sounds as if the server/client relationship is struggling to form a proper data link-I suggest there is a partial blockage somewhere along the line of communication.

The things to check are port settings, file and print sharing and firewalls. Remember wireless routers may have much stricter default security parameters than lan switches therefore you will have to ensure two way date to and from the screens/server is through the wireless link is definitely unrestricted.

Try mapping the D drive on the client and transferring your video files that way-if that is still slow there is certainly a problem somewhere on the network.

Your second problem may be the D drive is already full by the time you upload your second video from your stick-I suggest setting the client to play the videos directly from the USB stick in the set-up options..