DC43J - Does this model support URL Displaying - Like the Hospitality Mode?

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Hi there , I have two DC43J Samsung Smart Signage screens - all I need to do is for them to connect and display a static web page.
I could not find any thing trawling around the manual and the devices themselves.

I have done the same thing with smaller screens DB10E and these work perfectly.

All I can see available to do this is using MagicInfo Express 2 but due to the issue where I cannot see these devices ( unless I'm on the same subnet/switch/vlan) I still cannot program them using Magic Info. I may have to take the device off the wall to plug it into a single switch to program it. But then I'd have to do this twice a year as there is a daylight saving glitch with MagicInfo and the website I am connecting to.

Any assistance, pointers, words of wisdom would be appreciated.